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Winterizing your Home

home_winterizingPreparing a home for the winter is an important task and one that should be done with much attention to detail. There is a lot involved in winterizing a home and each winterization step is meant to help protect a home when temperatures drop to dangerous levels. Neglecting to winterize a home would mean major problems and incredible expenses when things begin to go bad.

One of the most important steps, that must be taken when winterizing a home, is thoroughly checking the heating and air conditioning system. When it comes to heating and air conditioning Dayton residents understand the importance of utilizing the services of a professional who deals with this specific area on a regular basis. Without a properly functioning heating and air conditioning system, winter would be unbearable and quite dangerous.

Another area that needs attention, when it comes to winterization, is the exterior water pipes in the home. The pipes closest to the exterior walls are always susceptible to freezing during extremely cold winter months. The only way to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking is to properly insulate them before it gets too cold. The best way to accomplish this task is to wrap them with an appropriate insulation.

This isn’t a step that should be ignored as it could mean extreme damage to multiple areas of the home. A cracked pipe would mean water damage and water damage can spread quickly when it is not noticed right away. This is because the water pipes being addressed are typically in the walls of the home. When these pipes burst, water is left to spread through the walls and can literally cover an entire floor before anyone knows what happend.

Keeping the heat in and the cold out are an important function that should be included in all windows especially during the winter months. Another important winterization step is to check the windows to make sure they are doing their job effectively. When windows allow the cold into a home, it can affect both the temperature inside as well as increase the power bill exponentially. This is a double negative effect that catches many homeowners off guard.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to have single pane windows replaced with double pane windows (or better). The extra insulation will definitely take care of the job of keeping the cold out where it belongs. This will ease the strain on the heating system and, as a result, will ease the strain on the power bill thus turning a double negative effect into a double positive effect.

Winterizing a home is a task that should not be left until the last minute. Taking appropriate steps earlier than later will leave more time for paying proper attention to detail thus guaranteeing a comfortable home during those cold winter months.

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