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Who to Hire to Clean a Drain

plumbingcompanyImagine walking into your laundry room and seeing the washing machine overflowing into the floor. This recently happened to me and the mess that it made was terrible and all of it was due to a clogged drain that my washing machine fed into. Lucky for me, I already have established a working relationship with a local plumber that I trust to complete repairs and that includes cleaning drains that become clogged or slow. If someone else is in need of finding a plumber to not only clean a clogged drain, but to complete anymore household plumbing problems that need to be addressed, then I suggest that the following tips are followed.

Ask friends and family who they use for their plumbing needs. A person seeking a plumber can also call around to realtor offices to see if they have any suggestions. Also, take a peek into the phone book or search online for any local plumbing ads that catch your attention. Use this information to make a list of plumbing companies to call and get more information from.

Once a list has been compiled, start making phone calls. Questions that someone should ask a prospective plumber include what their qualifications are? What fees do they charge? Do they have references from current customers that they can provide someone? Do they always charge by the hour or do they sometimes give a set price for certain repairs? Do they offer emergency service hours? Someone can also call the Better Business Bureau in your area and check to see what plumbing companies have complaints against them, these are definitely companies that people will not want to use, even in an emergency.

Of course if someone has a drain overflowing, then such questions may not be able to be addressed, but even in a pinch someone should asks about costs before the repair is completed. The last thing someone needs besides a soaking wet floor is an outrageous repair bill that wasn’t expected. Quickly take the time to ask what their hourly rate is and what forms of payment they accept.

My advice to someone is to actually have a relationship with plumber that you trust before emergency situations happen. Make sure the person is qualified, licensed, has plenty of experience, and is respectable. In a pinch at least make sure that they are licensed and insured. My favorite company is drain cleaning service Indianapolis. They are qualified, courteous, and affordable. I know when I walked in to my overflowing drain, they arrived quickly and quickly addressed my problem as well.

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