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What are Some of the Most Critical Landscaping Issues a Homeowner Should Look into?

Certain landscaping features can add beauty to your home’s exterior with improved curb appeal, promote energy efficiency and more. Some landscaping features and designs, however, can create serious issues for you and your property. Identifying some of the most critical landscaping issues that a homeowner may face and taking steps to correct those issues is critical to maintaining your property value, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs and promoting improved enjoyment in your home.


Erosion can be a serious issue for homeowners. With each moderate to heavy rain event that takes place at your home, the soil in certain areas of your home may be washing away. Erosion can also occur when you water your lawn. This is most common for properties with a sloping grade. While the erosion from a single rain event may be nominal, the damage to your property over time can be significant. One of the most common ways to resolve this issue is to even the grade of the property with retaining walls or terracing.


Drainage is also a common yet potentially serious issue. Without proper drainage systems in place on the property, water can pool and damage your landscaping efforts. More importantly water can run toward the home during heavy rainfall events. This rain may create a flood inside the home, or it may erode the soil around the home’s foundation. Drainage can be improved by grading the landscaping downward and away from the home, using decorative dry creek beds strategically and more.


Your level of privacy inside your home may not affect your property value or create a maintenance issue for you, but it can affect your enjoyment and comfort level inside your home. When landscaping features are not strategically placed or smaller brushes and shrubs are used, the property owner may enjoy little to no privacy in his backyard. Furthermore, neighbors and passersby may be able to look directly inside your home. Landscaping can be used creatively and strategically to block the view of others.

Landscaping features and design elements can create issues for your property, and they can also diminish the amount of privacy that you enjoy inside your home. However, by identifying the features and design elements that are causing issues for you, you can then begin to explore solutions to remedy those issues. Take time to review your property’s landscaping design and features today as a first step toward correcting these issues on your property.


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