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Ways to Deal With Rodents

freedom!A lot of people have enough of the horror of dealing with insects that they don’t even want to think about rodents. Spiders, ants and roaches may seem like the worst pests you could possibly have in your home. All of that likely changes when you find your first rodent. Whether it’s a rat or a mouse, the first sight of one can be shocking. While rodents can be cute, the moment they intrude on a home they bring diseases with them. They also chew through food bags and chew through important electrical wiring.

It’s a fact that not all rodents are considered pests to all people. Many people don’t consider squirrels, hamsters and chinchillas to be pests. Some people even keep rats as domestic pets. It’s when the rodents enter the home that they become pests. Believe it or not, there are some states in the US where even pigeons are considered pests that are legal to exterminate on property. Finding out that there is a rodent such as a rat in your home can be a shocking experience. Many rodents can be a widespread problem, as they cause infestation if left for too long. Often rats and mice will crawl through the space between the walls. Their presence is only made known when they crawl through a tight space somewhere in the wall, or claw through a hole. Often holes made by electrical, cable and gas companies to install pipes and wiring can be compromised by a rodent clawing through them. Many rodents are intelligent. Rats have the mental capacity to claw open cabinets and reach food within them multiple times before the tenant of the home even notices. In fact, often times people are living with rats in their homes without even knowing until visible presence such as waste makes it clear.

Finding a rodent in the home can be a shocking experience. People are often so awestruck by a first time rodent infestation that they don’t know what to do. People may buy sticky traps and other control methods, only to find that the rat can’t be caught through this method. Rats are often experienced with stick traps and know exactly how to get the food without getting caught. Since home-based methods usually fail, that’s when it’s time to contact a professional. A professional rodent exterminator has the knowledge and tools to help you in controlling your rodent problem. There are countless different rodent species in Houston, Texas and the outlying areas. The best way to deal with them is to contact a pest control professional who can figure out the problem and cut it off at the source, often in a humane and ethical way. For quality Rodent Control Houston TX, contact us today.

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