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Transforming That Spare Room After Kids Leave the Nest

You may be facing an empty nest for the first time, but that doesn’t mean you need to be sad. The empty room your child left behind is an opportunity for you to start enjoying some of your favorite hobbies. It doesn’t cost a great deal to convert the room into something special when you know what steps to take.

Storing the Leftovers

Your kids have moved, but they probably left a few things behind. Put the treasured childhood items in a plastic bin until your adult child moves into a larger place and can take possession. Stash the bin in the bottom of the closet, the attic or even a corner of the basement. If furniture was left behind, you can sell it, store it in an unused area or put it to use in your marvelous new room. For fragile belongings, storing in hard, water-proof and air-sealed cases, such as Allcases, are ideal.

Enjoy a Home Theater

If you and your spouse love watching the latest movies, then it might be time for a cool home theater. Run the wires for your speakers behind baseboards. Use a wire hook to pull the wires up through the walls to your speakers for a clean look. If your child left dressers behind, refinish them to match your new home theater furniture and store electronics, movies and music in them. Hang affordable blackout curtains on the windows to prevent the sun from ruining the view of your massive flat screen.

Get Crafty

If you love to craft but never had the space, then this is your chance. Abandoned dressers are excellent for holding crafting supplies for needlepoint, quilting and even scrapbooking. The old school desk makes a good craft desk or sewing desk. Invest in quality ceiling lights, so you will have plenty of visibility when working on your crafts. Consider adding versatile recessed lights to cast extra illumination over your work areas. Use the crafts your children made while in school to decorate the walls and remind you of their younger years.

Guest Room

There are countless uses for the room your child once occupied. You could convert it to a guest room, but you may prefer to create a space that will be used on a regular basis. If you don’t have a guest room, then have this one do double duty by including a sleeper sofa or futon in the furniture arrangement. When you are done with the transformation, you will be left with a room that’s attractive and functional.

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