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Tips for Designing Your Own Porch

Tips for Designing Your Own PorchYour porch, that space between your front door and the garden, is a very important space. When the weather allows it, you can have family dinner, lunch or breakfast here. There are also those moments when you cannot resist sitting on the porch sharing a cup of tea with friends or neighbors. The feeling that comes with using the porch for activities that you indulge in while enjoying a cool breeze or some fresh air is truly satisfying. When designing a porch, you must consider the overall outlook of your home. The design should be in harmony with the rest of the building.

Here are a handful of tips to take into consideration when designing an own porch:

Determine how you intend to use the space

You must have a primary objective on the space you are about to create or renovate. Consider whether you want an enclosed or open space. Be as precise as you can be. For example, you could be one of those people who love it quiet outdoors. On the other hand, you do not have a history of entertaining many guests at a time. Therefore, a porch with space for one or two tables and a few chairs would be ideal. Conversely, if you are used to holding large parties, create space for this.

Ensure that the design matches with that of your home’s exterior

A well designed porch matches with or complements the outdoors of your home. In order to attain compatibility, consult an Archadeck designer. Such professionals help interpret your ideas and put them on paper. They also understand the dynamics of structures, landscaping aspects and conformity with local building codes. An experienced designer or architect will also help in reducing project costs. He can foresee problems and work towards avoiding them before commencement of work.

Consider appropriate conveniences

Your porch design should take into account things like electrical outlets and a lighting system for the night. With one or two electrical outlets, you can connect to a stereo, install a flat screen TV or connect your laptop to power supply and work from the porch. You also need to consider having a transition. For instance if your porch can accommodate 10 people at its full capacity, think of how you can make it fit 3-5 people. You could have two levels separated by a stair.

Integrate other landscaping features

Quite often, you will find that there is a tree right in the middle of the space you have earmarked for a porch extension. Removing the tree might involve an additional cost that you are not prepared for. Consider ways through which you can integrate such a tree and an already existing garden. This will give your porch a unique look when finished. It tends to blend perfectly with existing vegetation giving the impression that it has always been there and was not recently constructed.

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