The New Era of Internet Connectivity through the Use of Fiber Optic Internet

10 year old Nour(L)  and her brother KhaHaving fast and reliable internet is every home or business owners dream. A greater bandwidth enables you to hear, see and use internet happily. You want to download a movie or a song, but the internet is slow and ends up making you frustrated? Do not worry because fiber optic internet makes it possible for you to download your favorite movies besides surfing and enjoying your favorite online games. It is imperative to note that fiber optic internet does not use copper wires. However, there are companies who insist that they are fiber optics providers, when in real sense their network has copper wires. FiOS only utilizes fiber optic technology.

What Does FiOS Do?

Speeds of FiOS are as high as 500 Megabytes per second for all internet enabled devices. The Verizon FiOS has fast download speed for all movies and music. The clear connection enables you to have interruption-free Skype sessions. It can handle operations from multiple devices and down load all at the same time. This is possible because data is delivered with the same speed as light. The high speeds guarantees you quick browsing and enjoyment of your favorite games and internet services.

FiOS is more than just fast internet because it is also ideal for home use as it offers TV and Digital Voice products. The digital voice service allows you to make calls, which are clear no matter how many time zones are involved. The advanced forwarding options and caller id are some of the features available on the FiOS. FiOS TV has over fifty local and international channels to offer. On the other hand, The FiOS internet has an easy self-installation kit and 24 hours 7 days a week customer care and tech support team.

Benefits of using FiOS

Most Internet providers use Verizon FiOS and Verizon High Speed Internet. These internet options and much more information about FiOS are available at FiOS provides connection to the company’s central office and your own, without sharing. The internet option is very dependable and reliable for large and small-scale users. It is significant to point out that the services offers great value for your money, as the internet plans are tailor-made to fit your budget. You do not have to worry about the price hike or quality because we seek to satisfy our client’s utility.

Verizon serves many states and you can find out more about your state by visiting Once you do browse through the website, look through the Verizon FiOS or standard suite features that appeal to you and your lifestyle needs. Pick one that is within your budget. A combination that works best in your home gives you pure fiber optic connection with great digital quality and fast internet speeds.

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