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Repairing A Foundation

foundation_problemThe foundation may be the most important part of your house. Your entire house sits on top of the foundation, and the foundation distributes the weight of your house to the soil below, with the goal of minimal settlement or movement. A properly constructed foundation can help your house stand the test of time. Even properly constructed foundations may be in need of repair, thanks to unforeseen and unpreventable changes to the soil.

What can Cause Foundation Problems?

Most foundation problems are caused by water, or moisture in the soil. There may be too much water, which causes the soil to swell, or not enough water, which causes the soil to shrink. If the soil swells or shrinks uniformly under the foundation, you likely won’t have any issues, but it’s possible only some of the soil will swell or shrink. This results in heaving or settling. If only part of the house heaves or settles, you may find you have expensive home repair issues.

Signs of Foundation Problems

There may be signs of foundation problems on the interior or exterior of the house. Inside the house, watch for floors that are unlevel, gaps above kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors that won’t stay shut, and large cracks in the concrete slab. You might also find diagonal cracks in the wall, especially at the corners of doors and windows, as well as leaks or cracks in and around a fireplace. On the exterior of the house, keep an eye out for doors that don’t open or close properly, gaps between the garage door and the pavement at the side of the garage door, windows that are difficult to open and close, and cracks in the exposed grade beam or bricks and mortar. You might also notice diagonal cracks in the walls, especially at the corners of doors and windows, just like you may find inside.

How to Find a Foundation Repair Specialist

Finding a trustworthy contractor specializing in foundation repair doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Start by asking family, friends and neighbors for referrals. If you can’t find any, do a simple internet search for “foundation repair” and include the name of your city or metropolitan area. For example, if you live in Dallas, Texas, do a search for “Dallas foundation repair.” Once you have a list of companies, search for reviews from past customers. Also check to make sure all required licenses and bonds are current. Call the companies you’re considering and ask as many questions as you feel you need to. You can also have more than one company give you an estimate.

Noticing that you might have a problem with your foundation is the first step to correcting the issue. Pay attention and watch for signs of trouble. Completing repairs early may help alleviate associated costs.

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