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Picking Out A Bird Bath Heater

Adding bird bath heater will increase the number of birds in your yard. A bird bath can increase the number and types of birds that are attracted to your yard. In fact, it will attract a lot more different types of birds than just a bird feeder will.

You should purchase a bird bath that is no deeper than three inches. When buying a bird bath, make sure it is not too deep. You can make a deep bird bath shallower by putting some stones into it.

If you want even more birds in your garden try to add a fountain to your bird bath. The sound of falling or dripping water is a great way to attract birds.

A birdbath with a non-slip bottom is best, because it is possible for birds to lose their footing on slippery surfaces.

Water changes are important in your heated bird bath and should be done frequently, or even daily during hot weather

Birds that do not feel safe from predators will avoid a bird bath so you may want to put the bird bath on some kind of a stand or even suspend it from a tree.

A bird bath is a pleasant way of inviting birds into your back yard where you�ll be able to enjoy watching them. Make sure that your bird bath is installed somewhere where you�ll be able to comfortably view it from a window.

Be good to your birds!

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