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Movers Guide to Cleaning Your Empty House

Whether you are moving out of a house, apartment, or condo, you will likely be responsible for the final clean-up of the place. It may seem like a daunting task given how many years you spent living in the place, but there is a way to make it a little easier on yourself.

Get Everything Out

You may want to get everything out of the house ahead of time so that you can start the cleaning and repairs before the actual move. Rent a storage unit, such as a Dallas TX storage unit, to store the items that you have packed and ready to go, but won’t be needing immediately. This allows you to organize what you have with greater ease before you move into the new house.

The Basics

Begin by cleaning every surface in the apartment. This usually includes vacuuming, sweeping, washing windows, and scrubbing down all the surfaces. Don’t forget to move appliances to scrub behind them as well. You will not believe how much dirt and grime collects behind the refrigerator or other major appliances. It can be easy to forget to clean in these areas, but it will likely come out of your security deposit if you are in an apartment complex. Get down on your hands and knees to ensure that everything is as clean as it should be.

Repair, Repair, Repair

When this initial process is complete, take care of any repair work that may need to be done. This includes major items, such as broken major appliances that are going to stay in the house. However, for most people, this will be fixing minor damages, such as holes that have been put in the wall due to nails. Patch these holes up with spackle and paint over them with the color of the walls. The landlord may ask that you repaint the wall the original color that they were when you moved in. For most, this means that you will be repainting everything white if you ever changed the walls.

Double Check

When everything has been cleaned and everything has been fixed, you need to take a walk through to make sure that it is ready for someone else to move into the house. You may be surprised that you have missed something on your first time around. You would hope that whoever is moving out of your new home would do the same for you.

Get Help

If you find that you have run out of time, you can hire professionals to do some of this work for you. It may cost a little extra, but you need to decide how much your time is worth during the move. You also need to factor in how much the security deposit is worth.

Cleaning and repairing everything before you move out is the right thing to do. It may be tempting to think that since you are leaving the place and never coming back that you can leave it a little run down. You wouldn’t want someone to treat your new home like that, and you have to remember that your old home is someone else’s new home.

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Andre and his family are originally from Seattle, but recently made the move to Western Australia which was chaotic, so he loves giving any advice he can to make moving easier for all.
He is currently promoting Extra Space Storage – Long Beach location, and wants to wish everyone a stress-free and easy moving day!

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