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Most Efficient Ways To Keep Your AC Running All Summer And Not Break The Bank

air_con_tipsThere are many different ways that people can lower the energy costs of their AC in the Summer time by following some basic tips. To begin with, people can take steps to seal up the insulation around their home, as well as to ensure they are finding the right size AC to fit their needs.

One of the the first things that people need to keep in mind is the size of the room that they would like to install the AC unit into. Additionally, the size of the AC unit will also determine the draw on power that the unit will end up consuming. It’s vital that an individual find a unit that is energy efficient, and that consumes a minimal amount of power when the unit is operating.

Once an AC unit has been selected, the location in which the unit is installed into the home will also affect it’s cooling performance and energy consumption. An AC unit should be installed in a location in which there is no direct sunlight shining on the unit. Furthermore, the unit should be positioned in a window that is appropriate for the size of the air conditioner.

There are also things that can be done on the outside of the property to help with cooling the home down. It’s helpful for people to plant shrubs, or other plants close to the outside of their home to help to keep the air cooler, as well as to provide shade for the home. This will help to prevent the AC from working as hard to cool the property.

On the inside of the home, people can place drapes, or curtains over their windows to help keep direct sunlight from warming the home up. Also, they can use caulking to seal any spaces in between windows, or doors that might be allowing cold air to escape, this increasing the costs to operate the AC unit. Some final tips for lowering the costs for an air conditioning unit in the Summer time are to utilize fans in the home.

Ceiling fans, as well as floor fans are an excellent option for people to consider. While running fans may not cool the house down as much as an AC unit would, if people can do with fans, and use the AC only on blistering hot days, they will cut the costs of running their AC drastically.

Also on the same note, people can also run their fans when they have their AC operating to help to route the air through the home better, so that the AC doesn’t work as hard. Those who need assistance with installing their air conditioning unit may consult with Coastal Mechanical Contractors Inc. for professional AC installation or repair needs.

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