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Life Happens on America’s Pool Decks

pool deckAmericans spend a majority of their lives on their pool decks. From the quaintest of vintage homes to modern million dollar mansions, Americans spend time swimming, grilling, laughing, playing, exercising and enjoying the outdoors by their pools. Americans demand a lot from their pool decks. Their outdoor space must be beautiful yet functional, safe and easy to clean and maintain.

There are a multitude of variables to consider when designing your deck. A quality design goes a long way towards guaranteeing Americans get the most out of their outdoor spaces. A quality pool deck will both complement the style of the home, while adding to the existing structure with a style of its own. Materials chosen should be durable and easy to maintain. With so many advances in material compounds, it is critical to stay on the cutting edge of material and design when considering a pool deck design. The right contractor is up to date with the latest materials and technological advances.

A quality pool deck does not only add to the look and feel of the home, it adds to the function. A well designed pool deck can support many of life’s outdoor needs, should space and budget allow. Many opportunities exist for this outdoor space. A pool deck can hold a variety of furniture. From simple seating, to elaborate patio sets for sun-bathing, lounging and dining, there is a wide variety of functions available to inform a deck’s layout.

The feel of the entrance into the pool can also inform the deck. The shape of the pool, the materials utilized, the design of the entrance, handrails, edge of the pool, shape of the steps can all affect the look and feel of the overall design. Color, material, and layout all inform the design of a quality deck.

Additional functions that can be accommodated by a quality pool deck include storage, outdoor kitchen space, shading. The deck can be covered or not, screened or open to the elements. There are benefits to each design. A screened pool deck will keep out insects, stray animals, children and neighbors; it will afford the pool privacy and a sense of intimacy. A covered pool deck provides shade and protection from the elements. An open pool offers access to natural light, sunshine and breeze.

Americans love their summers outdoors. Swimming, grilling, laughing and playing with their families and neighbors are the back bone of Americans’ leisure activities. A high quality, beautiful and safe pool deck is a fundamental element in America’s outdoor space.

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