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Keeping Your A/C Running Efficient

thermostatHighly efficient furnaces and air conditioners save their owners money and time.   But when was the last time a fully certified technician inspected your HVAC? There are some basic things homeowners can do to maintain their units, and expand the lifespan of their air conditioner.


Check the Thermostat


When the temperature rises, it is common to turn the thermostat down to a lower number. The problem is that this can burn out your system. What you need to do is turn the thermostat up to a higher number, and turn on fans to improve air circulation. This can make the home feel cooler as the air is always moving. When you have the A/C unit on all day and all night, it doesn’t take long for it to wear out.


Close the Vents and Doors


If you have rooms that you do not use, close the vents and doors to these rooms. This will prevent your system from working too hard to cool all areas of the home. Closing the vents and doors also helps to push the cold air to the rooms you actually use.


Use Shade


There are many advantages to using shade. Plant trees outside the home, especially on areas where the sun truly beats down on your home. Always have you’re A/C unit in the shade as this will also help to keep the air cooler.


Window Coverings


Keep the UV rays out of your home by adding light-filtering curtains or blinds. Even a simple white blind can reduce the heat in your home drastically. Extra shade inside the home from the windows can limit how hot rooms can become, which can be hard to cool properly.


Avoid Hot Activities


Instead of grilling inside the home and using your oven, cook outside. You can do yourself a favor by cooking outside. Not only will it keep the hot air out of the home, it limits the amount of clean-up you need to worry about. Save the dishwashing, and washing machine needs until the late night. This will prevent excess heat from being put into the home.


Service Your Unit


It is vital to service your unit each year. This will reduce problems that can arise if your unit is low on Freon, has a clogged filter, and so forth. The right heating and cooling repair in Minnetonka will provide you with all the help you need to service your system. If you have a unit that is quite old, they can easily replace it for you. Always have your unit tested in the spring as the summer months can become quite busy for A/C repair needs. The costs are often higher in the summer since the demand is so great.


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