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It’s That Time Again: 5 Tips For Winterizing Your Home This Year

As the cold winter months once again approach, it is time to employ methods to winterize your home. Not only will it keep you and your family warm, but it will also lower heating bills. There are five helpful tips to help make your weatherization a success.

It’s That Time Again- 5 Tips For Winterizing Your Home This Year

1. Add Insulation

While it does require an initial investment, adding extra insulation in your attic will quickly pay for itself. It is recommended to have at least a foot of insulation in the attic area, and, if you are slacking, the time to make the addition is now. Rather than gathering measuring tapes and other tools, a quick rule of thumb is to check the ceiling joists. They are normally less than 12 inches in length, so, if you can see them, you do not have enough insulation. Also, if adding insulation on top of existing insulation, avoid paper backing as it can cause moisture problems.


2. Ensure Roof Quality

If it has been awhile since you have had your roof inspected by qualified roofing contractors, now is the time to do so. Heavy snows can put pounds of weight on your roof, and insufficient support can lead to leaks and damage. Whether you need an entire roof replacement or just need some maintenance, roofing contractors have the skill and ability to ensure you are prepared to face the months ahead.


3. Seal Up Windows

Windows have cracks that, while small, allow cold winter air into your home. Most retail stores sell plastic covering that can be applied to the window using two-sided tape and tightened using a heat source such as a blow dryer. Best of all, when summer rolls around, the covering can be quickly and easily removed.


4. Ceiling Fan Trick

During the summer months, your ceiling fan pushes cool air down to keep you comfortable. By reversing the fan in the winter, it has the opposite effect as warm air is pushed down. This simple trick can be double-checked by observing the rotation of the fan. If it is turning in a clockwise direction, you are winter-ready.


5. Prepare Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc during the winter months. Now is the best time to wrap them. Check the crawl spaces, basements, and garages to ensure no pipes are disregarded. Your local retail store likely carries materials such as pre-molded foam rubber that is easy to apply and well worth the investment.

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