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Interior Design Trends For Your Home

interiorYour home is your castle, your refuge, and your personal spot on this earth for rejuvenation and for your ultimate cure for relaxation from the unruly clutter of the outside world. You deserve a home that promotes all of these features that bring you joy in life. This is accomplished through the art and skill of interior design and the artistic mind of an interior designer. Frances Herrera is one of the most notable interior designers in her field and her work is truly artistic in creating your space into your own personal Eden.

The first notion regarding interior designers that one needs to understand is that the really gifted designers work to create around “your” vision. It is your home and if a designer comes in with a pre conceived notion of what your home should look like before they even ask you what are your design ideas, then it is recommended that you find a new designer. Ms. Herrera will visit with you first and through an initial consultation work to understand what your vision is and what is the design concept that you are trying to achieve. She will then walk with your through your home or space to be designed and will continue to listen and note what it is that you are trying to achieve. Her first task is to help you articulate your vision so you have a better understanding than any one what it is that you are trying to create. In the interior design process the owner is also the co creator, for it is the owner that will have to live in the designed space.

One should consider that interior designers can also bring more to the design table than color pallets. Interior designs have an expertise in not only color combination but also furniture styles, design concepts based on the climate where the space is to be designed, the costs efficiencies of using different craftsmen and laborers to complete the work as well as the best source of purchasing supplies and materials. A good interior designer is also your second set of eyes and constructive critic on your design goals.

A good interior design will know how to save you money on your design endeavor. There is a difference in being cheap and being cost efficient. Quality interior designers such as Frances Herrera know the difference and are able to guide you through the design selection process. The end result of course is to make you happy with your home or designed space. There is no rule or taboo to your happiness and Ms. Herrera will work to help you see this vision come to past.

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