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Great Value Adding Things to your Home

home_valueIt often doesn’t take much more than a little bit of effort and ingenuity to add to the value of a home. Here are some simple tips on how to add value to your home without doing major construction.

Update the Kitchen and Bathroom

Updating a kitchen might not be as expensive as you think, and it can add a whole lot to the value of a home. One of the biggest benefits to updating the kitchen and bathroom is the fact that it requires little construction. Installing marble counter tops and finished tile surfaces often only takes a few days of installation. While a beautiful kitchen might not be the major selling point for a home, having an ugly kitchen will most certainly devalue the home. This is true even if updating the kitchen is a relatively inexpensive fix. For bathrooms, adding plate glass showers or extra sinks can make a bathroom look beautiful with less installation effort than you may think.

Make the Decor Neutral

A funny thing about homes is that the character of them can help or harm a person’s buying decision. Plenty of people might find quirks in a home, such as a prevalence of oceanic wallpaper, to add character to a house. Most, however, would find very broad strokes in terms of home decor off putting. When in doubt, stick to very neutral colors such as tan and white. Having a neutral design allows a future buyer to add their own palette of interests to the design of the home.

Refine the External Appearance

Meeting someone for the first time creates a strong first impression that people never forget. The same goes for the first time a home buyer sees a home. If the home looks beautiful from the curb, chances are that they’re going to have a positive impression on the house no matter how the interior looks. Repairing roof shingles and adding shrubbery also adds to the value of a house. You may want to try landscaping if your budget alots it. A few trees around the front and yard of a house actually can add value according to some real estate appraisers.

Add Hedges and Fences

Fences can add value to homes in a number of different ways. People like the added privacy of fences. Home buyers like to have their enclosed yard, especially if they want the extra privacy due to owning a pool. For home owners who have pets such as dogs, owning a home with a fence is almost a mandatory element in their home buying decision. Installing a fence is a simple process that often takes only a day. San Jose Fencing specializes in high quality fence installation for homes of all shapes and sizes.

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