Great Security Features for your Home

Great Security Features for your HomeInstalling and updating home security is a priority for homeowners concerned about protecting their families and personal property. The FBI reports that in 2012, over 1.8 million homes were broken into and home burglaries accounted for 74.5 percent of all burglaries. Statistics show that the trend continues with 39.5 percent of home burglaries occurring during daytime hours and a burglary happening every 15 seconds.

Here are a few security features that will help protect your home:

Install a home security system
If an intruder attempts to break into your home when the security alarm is activated, the alarm will sound, alerting the security company who will contact the police. Most intruders will flee when they hear the alarm.

Install a security fence
A fence around your house and property provides an additional layer of protection and is one of the best ways to add high security to your home, especially when added security features are designed and built into the fencing. Newark Fence Inc. can design and professionally install a security fence that keeps intruders out while still allowing a safe place for your children and pets to play outside and increase your family’s privacy. Wood and metal are the best materials for security fencing. Security fences can prevent an intruder from going over or under the fence to reach your property. The height of a security fence is an important deterrent for intruders. A four foot tall fence may deter some criminals, however, a five to six foot fence is even more effective. Newark Fence Inc. can access your fencing needs and will help you select a fence that is attractive, durable and secure.

Lock the doors
Make it a habit to lock the doors when you leave your house and also lock them when you are at home. It may seem like a simple security feature however close to 655,000 of the home burglaries in 2012 occurred without forced entry into the home. Installing and using deadbolt locks on doors and locking windows is a great way to increase your home security.

Upgrade outside security
Motion detectors can be connected to your home security system and may deter night burglars. Outdoor security cameras record activity in all areas surrounding your home. Night vision, remote viewing and motion detection are features that can be included with the security cameras. When an intruder sees these security features that may be enough of a deterrent to cause them to leave your property.

Protecting your family and property are important. The professionals at Newark Fence Inc. will assist you in finding the best solutions for your home security.

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