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Getting Rid Of Rats

ratsWhen a person discovers that their home is infested with rats, it can be pretty scary. Immediately, their first thought is that they are never going to be able to eradicate them. Then they begin to think about all of the damage the rats are going to do to their home.

It is an equally daunting task to think about what has to be done to get rid of them. The internet if full of message boards laced with tips and tricks for rat removal and home pages that promise quick fixes. Many of which are unproven. However, rat removal and eradication doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some easy solutions. Below are some tried and true methods for getting rid of rats.


Traps are a method of rat eradication that has been used for centuries. That’s because they work. While they might not be as effective as other methods when used against severe infestations, they are pretty effective at handling small and medium size jobs.

When using traps, it is most effective to use a bait that is sticky. That’s because sticky foods require the rat to use more force to remove it and therefore, sets off the trap easier. Peanut butter, raisins and grease soaked bread are perfect baits to use for traps.

Glue traps can also be used, but there are less effective than spring-loaded traps and are considered to be more cruel to use than spring traps because they don’t kill rats instantly.


Poison is not as effective as spring traps, but they do have their place in rat eradication. They work by causing the rats to internally bleed and eventually dehydrate. Care should be taken, however, with the use of poisons. They should never be used in areas that are accessible by children or pets.


The biggest way to control a rat problem is not to let one get started in the first place. This can be done by making sure that entryways to the house are closed. Make sure that window screens don’t have any holes. Another thing is to make sure that holes in the baseboard are sealed. Rats don’t need a very big hole to enter the house, so these should be sealed as soon as possible. Using a commercial foam sealant usually works fairly well.

Following the above steps will ensure that the rodent problem is handled correctly. It doesn’t take fancy gadgets or unorthodox methods to eradicate rats. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest solution and the solutions listed above have been used effectively for years.

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