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Getting Rid Of Bugs Around Your Home

bugsInsects and bugs are the most common creatures in the world, and are highly likely to end up in even the most perfectly sealed home. Getting rid of bugs around your home can sometimes be a grueling and exhausting process. A pest control company is often your best choice, but these easy to implement tips can be useful before and after pest control experts do their job.

A Clean Home is Bug Free
The best way to start getting rid of bugs in your home, is to keep it clean. Bugs love dirty, cluttered areas, as dirt and clutter gives them plenty of great places to hide, and food to eat. Vacuum and sweep all your floors, take out your trash, do your dishes, wipe down all counters, and seal up all your food immediately. They’ll have less places to hide, and less food to eat.

Lay Your Traps
Lay down ant traps in areas of your home where you regularly spot these pests. Ant traps are filled with sweet smelling, edible poison. They are especially effective with ants, as their poison doesn’t kill them immediately. Instead, the ants have time to make it back to their nest, and share the poison with the rest of the colony. Bug spray applied around doors and windows is extremely effective, as these areas are where most bugs invade. Spray residue can linger for weeks, yet remain deadly to insects.

Getting Rid of Spiders
Spiders can be useful for getting rid of insects in your home, but their webs and creepy body style can be a huge downer. Also, spiders can often be poisonous, making getting rid of them essential. Eliminating a majority of the insects in your house actually helps get rid of spiders, as they won’t have a solid food supply and will go elsewhere. You can also use a vacuum to suck up any spider you see running around the house, as well as its webs. Eliminating spider webs destroys their home, a home they will either have to rebuild or abandon.

Pest Proofing Your Home
Once you got as many insects out of your house as possible, it’s time to keep the rest out for good by sealing up your home. Limiting insect entrance paths can help you avoid pesky pest control company bills. Add new screens to your windows, and regularly repair all holes and tears. Thick, tall grass is a prime breeding grounds for bugs, so make sure to keep it well mowed. Repair all cracks in your home, including hairline cracks, large holes, areas around pipe penetrations, and foundation damage.

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