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Fixing Your House From Leaks

house_leakBefore fixing a leak in your house you need to determine if a lead is present. A sure fire way of knowing if you have a water leak is checking your bill from month to month and noticing any spikes in your usage. You can also check your water meter while no water is on and if there are changes in the meter, if so, then you have a leak. For finding a leak in your toilet you need to drop food coloring into the toilet bowl. After about 15 minutes or so check your toilet tank for the coloring, if you see it there then you have a leaky toilet. Also check your faucets and pipe connections for any leaking of water.

If you detect a leak in your toilet, chances are a worn out valve seal or flapper is the cause. You can usually get this part at a local hardware or home improvement store. It probably would be a great idea to consult a licensed plumber such as the professionals at Idaho Sewer Repair. Any of these options will put you on the right track to fixing your leaky toilet and saving you money in the process.

For fixing a leaky faucet you need to find gaskets or “o” rings for the faucet. Generally this is what causes the leak and they are fairly inexpensive. It is also a good idea to consult a local plumber to ensure you are replacing the right seal or “o” ring. You should never be afraid of asking someone who knows more about this than you do, as it will save you time and money in the long run.

Leaks in your showerhead can cause a spike in your water bill, as well. Most of the time, this type of leak is caused by the loosening of the showerhead over time. You need to first remove the showerhead from the pipe. After removal you should take some Teflon tape and go around the pipe threads. Replace the showerhead and check for leaks. This should fix the offending leak.

If you have an in ground sprinkler system, you should check it for leaks, as well. It is usually a good idea to check your system after winter to make sure the cold weather and freezing has not affected it. If you do find a leak or problem you need to contact a professional who is more familiar with the system than you. In ground sprinkler systems definitely take a degree of expertise to repair.

By checking for these leaks and repairing them you will save yourself money. Be sure that if you do not know how to complete, or feel comfortable with the repairs of the leaks, you can contact professionals that would be happy to assist you. It is much better to contact a professional before the repair than after you have damaged something due to inexperience.

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