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Fixing an Overheating Car

Man and his over heated carOverheating of engine is a commonly found problem. In certain cases, it can be a serious problem as there is a chance of extensive damage when not fixed on time. Most of the modern cars have metal head engine blocks with aluminum cylinder heads. That results in much less heat tolerance in contrast to the steel engine of the older cars. Sometimes overheating may end up in blow out of the gas basket, which is a serious issue. Such an issue cannot be fixed as it is beyond repair. In such cases, your vehicle will need a new engine to run again. Fixing an overheating engine is possible, only if you consider shutting down the engine and find the cause in order to fix.

As soon as drivers notice engine overheating problem, they should consider pulling over into the nearest safe area. Some cars show indication of the water temperature gauge due to overheating. The best way to give an instant cooling effect to the engine is by shutting it off and opening the hood. As heat will escape from the engine, it will start to cool down. Drivers are advised not to shower the engine with cool water. This will worsen the case. In stead, it is advisable to allow the engine to cool down gradually. Of course, the cooling process is always dependent on the external climate zone.

Another quick fix method is to use a coolant. If the coolant level is low, you can fill up the engine with engine coolant. You can also use some cold water as a coolant in the radiator tank. Once the engine has cooled off, you can start the engine to let the water circulate and cool down the entire system in the radiator tank. The process may take few minutes when your engine is in an overheated condition. In case, drivers use water as a coolant, then they should drive to any nearest automotive repair Houston service station as soon as possible. It is always advisable to use engine coolant in the radiator tank.

Before starting the engine, you should always check the gauge if it goes over the safe limit mark or not. If the indicator is back into the safe temperature zone, your engine and thermostat are ready to work. This is always an indication that your thermostat is working properly. However, drivers need to check if the engine is overheating instantly or not. If it does, then your car’s thermostat needs a replacement. In case, you cannot start the engine, you can always call your service company to have your car towed. Drivers are advised not to opt for quick replacements at any service stations nearby as they may end up paying a lot.

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