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Fight Bugs During Summer

bugsoutWarm weather is preferred by most people over cold weather. However, there is one problem warm weather brings with it. Bugs are everywhere during warmer times of the year.

Regardless if you live in the Deep South or far Northern climates when the weather is warm, mosquitos make their presence known. These pests are more than just annoying. They also can carry diseases that make people and their pets very ill.

This is why a mosquito repellent service is necessary. This type of service will spray your yard and surrounding areas to eliminate mosquitos. This type of treatment will protect you and your home from ticks as well.

Reclaim your back yard as a no bug zone. Enjoy quiet evenings under the stars without getting bit up. You own your home and land. Don’t let mosquitos ruin it for you. Take control of your property and you will enjoy the quality of your home life.

You also will be protecting you and your family from dangerous diseases carried by mosquitos and ticks. Some common ailments that mosquitos carry include: West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria and other diseases. Mosquitos also can infect your pets with Heartworms. Likewise, ticks carry serious diseases such as: Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other illnesses.

A quality pest control business will also give you helpful tips on simple ways to rid their yard of mosquitos and ticks. The first tip is to reduce any areas in your yard that collect water. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Areas that can be problematic include rubber tire swings, sandboxes, plastic toys, birdbaths, firewood, gutters, plants and outdoor pet water bowls.

Treatments that create a barrier around your yard help reduce the need for you and your family to wear bug spray. It also reduces 90% of the mosquito and tick population at your home. The treatment will kill bugs that eat foliage on your property. Where bug spray only repels bugs; a barrier treatment eliminates them. Most companies offer a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the results of treating your property.

After your yard has been treated, you will smell the application for a short time. The smell will eventually subside; however, the barrier spray will still be effective for approximately 14 days. After this time limit another application of spray is needed to continue to protect your yard.

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