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Expensive Home Repairs

roofingWhen buying a house, most people bypass reality and only focus on expectations. Building a family, getting a family dog, and purchasing a good lawn mower are typically the array of thoughts that conspire in a buyer’s head. It never crosses the mind of the new homeowner that it is best to save for future home expenses. A home is considered one of the best investments one can pursue, but a home is also inept to ordinary damages that come uninvited. There are so many repairs that can be done in a home’s lifespan. The most common repairs are:

1.) Foundation repair – the cracks in walls or bowed walls and ceilings may imply that your foundation is facing some major damages that occur over a home’s existence. The earth shifts and so does your home; a small indicator of a shifting home is difficulty when closing doors and widows. The older the home, the older the foundation is. When house hunting, try to buy a newer home to ward off foundation problems. Older homes can still be great homes but you may need to hire a foundation specialist. Houston foundation repairs have been credited for having the best services. The typical cost a foundation repair could cost a homeowner well over $10,000. The only way to prevent this repair is to make sure your home has proper drainage; water should be flowing away from your home. After water settles in the concrete after long periods of time, the foundation becomes brittle. Proper drainage and good luck with earth shifts are the only way to prevent foundation damage.
2.) Mold- home’s can easily hide mold damage that you would never see unless told where to look. Water causes many other problems including mold in the household. A defective water pipe, small flood, or even improper sealing in your bathroom can cause mold to build up in your home. Mold spores don’t just smell and look bad, but they pose as a large health threat. Mold remediation costs somewhere around $3,000 per wall. Mold cannot thrive without moisture so keep water away from cracks, crevices, and materials that are not waterproof.
3.) Sewer line problems-the line that connects from your home into city property is your responsibility. These lines can deteriorate over time causing major floods in the yard when they break and a home without proper water movement. Although older neighborhoods are more prone to be a victim of sewer line problems, even the newest neighborhoods can be subjected to repairs. This repair can cost $5,000 to $20,000 for a 100-foot line. Proper inspection by a licensed professional can ensure that the lines are working correctly. Think about saving for your home instead of buying that lawn mower!

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