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ExMark Lazer Series Mowers

lazer_seriesExmark Lazer Series mowers are sold as a commercial grade riding mower with available deck sizes from 48″ to 72″. They are available in gasoline, diesel, and propane powered versions in a variety of engine sizes. Known for high speed mowing, these machines have a significant fan base as a result of this speed. New users sometimes have difficulty with the tight turning radius, but become enthusiastic once they get the hang of it.

The transmission on the eXmark Lazer series mowers is a hydraulic system using hydraulic motors for each wheel. Steering is accomplished by using this drive system, much like steering a tank or a bulldozer. This allows for zero turn radius steering. Once you learn how to steer this type of system it is easy to use. The only problem with this system is that repairs can be expensive. Be certain that you purchase your mower through a business that has the ability to handle repairs and honor all warranties.

Mowing a large lawn can be an onerous chore or it can be a pleasant task allowing an emotional escape into a private world created by the person operating the mowing machine. At least one online review of the eXmark mower speaks of mowing their lawn whether or not it needs mowing because the mower was so pleasant to use. Another speaks of the mower as an UFO. It is very likely that the reviewers were going to their private spaces when mowing the lawn. Many of the eXmark reviews published on the internet either state that the mowers are fun to use or at least imply that they are fun to use.

These mowers are designed to be used by someone with a lot of lawn to mow. Commercial users generally have a lot of lawn to mow, but even for professional lawn services the most praise for these mowers deals with mowing large lots, especially in the two to ten acre range. There is also mention of the wheel size and spacing being gentle on the turf. People who are especially concerned with this aspect of lawn care will probably be happy with the eXmark Lazer series mowers.

Commercial lawn care and mowing concerns should always consider the needs of their particular business when anticipating what brands and models of mowers to purchase. Private concerns may put more emphasis on comfort and ease of use. The seating on the eXmark mowers seems to earn high praise. People who have particular concerns about comfort because of health problems give the seating system on the Lazer mowers high praise. If you are considering buying one of these mowers you may wish to see if your dealer has a rental program to allow you to test one on your lawn.

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