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Don’t Stress: How To Make Cleaning Your Home Less Stressful

Don't Stress How To Make Cleaning Your Home Less StressfulTackling the mess inside your home can be difficult and cause undue stress. Clutter builds up easily, and can keep surfaces from being cleaned properly. Dust and dirt settles around everything, and the thought of completely clearing out your space so you can clean floors and countertops can feel overwhelming. It’s important to live healthfully by reducing stress and maintaining a clean living environment, so here are some tips to make cleaning your home less stressful.

Don’t think of it as one big mess

Instead of thinking about your entire home, think of individual messes: the dishes in the sink, the junk drawer, the kids’ room, etc. By breaking down the mess in your mind into small attainable goals, you’ll instantly feel like you can easily accomplish this task.

Set the timer

If you set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll find that most of your individual tasks can be accomplished within this short time frame. Though it feels like the sink is overrun with dishes, you will be surprised to find that you will likely have it cleaned out before the ding of the timer. You will feel empowered knowing that so much can be accomplished so quickly.

Clean one room each day

Tackling one room each day will create feasible goals which will greatly reduce your stress level. You will need to de-clutter the living room and do the dishes each day (especially if you have kids), but thoroughly cleaning one room each day will keep you feeling calm about what you need to get done.

De-Clutter and organize your things

Your grandmother was onto something when she said “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Limiting the amount of visual clutter in your space will help create a mental calm that can reduce your stress levels. It can be as simple as installing a few shelves, or keeping off-season clothes and shoes in boxes under beds. If you simply have too much stuff for your space, consider what you really need and make a donation to a local shelter.

Maintain throughout the week

Once you’ve got a clean and organized house, be sure to stay on top of maintaining the cleanliness you’ve created. By sticking with the schedule for cleaning one room each day, it will be easy to make sure things don’t get as messy as they were before.

Have your outdoor surfaces cleaned

Most dirt within your home is tracked in from outside. By cleaning outdoor walkways and the garage floor, you’ll reduce the amount of mess that can be brought inside. To have this done properly usually requires high water pressure and appropriate solvents. Choosing to complete this task yourself can be costly. It’s usually best to hire a company like American Clean & Seal Home Cleaning. Not only will the inside of your home look great, but you’ll feel good about how it looks on the outside too.


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping a tidy and organized home. By applying these tips, you will be on your way to having a clean, stress-free space your whole family can enjoy.

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