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Different Types Of Windows

window_stylesOne of the main features for the exterior and interior of your home is your windows.  Windows help to protect your family from weather conditions, allow for sunlight to enter your home, and often offer extraordinary views.  When choosing the right windows NJ  for your home consider these different types and styles:

  • The first consideration you will need to make when choosing windows for your home is to determine if you can choose standard or custom made windows.  If you are building a new home or replacing windows in a newer home you will most likely be able to choose from a wide selection of standard size, premade windows.  If you home is an older home or has more decorative windows you will probably need to look for manufactures that offer custom or made to fit windows.  Older homes often have non-standard size windows or more decorative style windows that have to be custom designed and built.
  • When looking for a quality window for either a new home or as replacement windows; you want to be sure to get dual pane windows.  You can also look for windows that offer UV protected glass.  The advantages of dual pane windows are their insulation quality.  They work better to keep the warm air out in the summer and in during the winter.  UV protection is offered on many new windows.  These windows help to block UV rays from entering your home to protect your family members.  For areas in your home that receive direct sunlight you can also consider tinted window panes.  These windows are still easy to see through, but offer a tint to help reduce the amount of direct sunlight or related heat from coming into your home.
  • In older homes there are many different styles, sizes, and even shapes of windows.  In newer home windows are more standard with a few other options being popular.  The most common types of windows include sash windows or sliding pane windows.  Both of these windows have an opening side of the window.  Other options you can choose in the style of windows include windows with individual panes or full glass.  Original windows in older homes will often have paned windows with individually framed panes.  Today’s paned windows are single windows with exterior pane frames added to achieve the look.  Shaped windows with arches at the top or circle windows can also be found easily to add to your home.
  • Finally, consider the materials windows are most commonly made in.  In older homes windows were often framed in wood.  More recently windows were framed in aluminum, and now windows are most commonly framed in vinyl.  When replacing windows in an older home the best option for ease of use and upkeep is to choose vinyl windows.

Whether you are building a new home, or updating and older one; windows can make a dramatic difference in the appearance and the feel of your home.  Consider the many different colors, styles, and designs of windows you have to choose from when planning the new exterior look of your home.

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