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Creating a Home Theater

home-theaterEveryone has a dream home.  Each person puts the important on different aspects of that dream home.  To some the exterior is the most important, to some the kitchen, to some the flow, to some the size of their garage, and to some it’s the extra features.  You might not be rich enough to add on a bowling alley, fully staffed bar, or an indoor basketball court, but what many homeowners are adding right now is a home theater.

In a home theater you’ll get to relax and watch your favorite movies on the big screen time and time again.  Sit back in your own cushy chairs and enjoy some movie theater popcorn at a fraction of the cost.  You can invite friends and/or family, or just sit along and enjoy the solitude of your own private showing of Pride and Prejudice (or whatever movie you prefer to watch over and over again).

Picking out a TV or screen is one of the first things that you’ll need to do for your home theater.  Some people go all out and get the huge wall sized screens with the DVD/blu-ray projectors, but others are content with a huge flat screen HDTV.  Pick what works best for you.

Next you need to pick out your speaker system.  Pay attention to the details and the reviews of the different once available and pick what you want.  Most people prefer surround sound in their personal home theater.

Lighting is especially important.  Just like in the theater you can choose to have dimming wall sconces or you can choose something else that fits your style.  Lighting is all up to you, but be sure it is easy to adjust as you’ll be wanting to watch your movies glare free, you can look at great options from Hansen Lighting.

While it might not make a difference if you have a fan in your home theater it also might bother you.  Really read about the pros and cons and make a decision that works for you.  Maybe you don’t have an option, but if you can have good, circulating AC in your home theater than you’ll have a fewer white noise distractions and more consistently maintained temperatures.

Choosing your seating arrangements is also incredibly important.  Some people want classic movie chairs in a stadium seating style, just like in the theater.   Other people put couches in their home theaters.  Still others put a random assortment of chairs I their home theater.  It just depends on your personal style and choice.

Putting together your dream home theater also involves picking out décor that fits your style.  You may want a classic, traditional home theater that mimics the ones you have visited your whole life, but you may also want something edgier or something shabby chic.  Whatever your style is there are many, many options available to you for your home theater pleasure.

Don’t stop dreaming, keeping coming up with ideas that you can use for your home theater.  Whether you are working on it now or dreaming one up for the future you can really have the perfect set up just for you.

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