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Cracked Foundation? Here’s What To Do

cracked_foundationHopefully you won’t find yourself in this situation, but what if you find yourself with a cracked foundation? Keep in mind that over time foundations can crack. Chances are that when you see a crack you will panic, but keep in mind that not all cracks are the same. First it is important to understand what type of foundation your home has. Common types of foundation include slab on granite which is a layer of concrete that is poured onto smoothed soil. Another common foundation is pier and grade beam which is a concrete beam that supports the outer perimeter of the home and has piers in the crawl space supporting the center part of the home. Another common type of foundation is piers that are drilled into the ground about 20 feet deep and the house rests atop them. Once you understand your particular type of foundation you can learn what a crack means and what to do about it. It has been noted that the most common reason for foundation issues is soil expansion and contraction over time. If you notice just an insignificant hairline crack in your foundation you can probably do some things yourself in order to not have it get any worse. If you notice the crack is from dry surrounding ground, you will want to place soaker hoses around the perimeter of your home. These hoses will slowly dribble out water for a few days and expand the soil. Chances are you will notice the crack will close up on its own. Keep in mind that tress take a lot of the moisture from the soil, so if you have a lot of trees near your house you may consider removing them if you find the soil right up next to your home is very dry. On the other hand a crack can be caused by too much water. If all of the water in your yard is sliding towards your house you might end up with a flood. Make sure the soil near your house is moist but not too moist. Always remember that a crack could be the means of letting in termites or cause something more structural so never minimize a crack if you see one. If you find that the crack in your foundation is more severe and is approximately at least a quarter inch wide you may want to seek professional help. Foundation repair Houston is a great resource for you. You can look for companies who don’t charge for an inspection. Once again it is important to get a few different quotes and opinions on what the issue is. Keep in mind that the cost of repairs can get expensive quickly because the likelihood of having to jack up your house is great. Keep in mind that homeowners insurance doesn’t always cover these types of repairs, but you are more likely to get coverage if you have flood or earthquake insurance. To be on the safe side, whenever you see a crack in your foundation I’d suggest you get it checked out.

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