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Common Summer Month Pests

summerpestsWhen most of us think about the Summer, we think about getting out into nature and enjoying the warm temperatures and the sunshine. For others, there is a dread that comes with the Spring and Summer months due to the explosion of pests during this time.

House flies seem to be the most common and most annoying of the Summertime pests. Flies are attracted to light and rancid smells. You will most commonly find a swarm of flies around your trash bin if it is kept outdoors. In addition, you will find a gathering of the household horrors around and in light fixtures. Keeping trash bins clean and controlling the odor will ward off flies. Fly bait and spray can be used to control an outbreak.

Mosquitoes also breed during the warmth of the Summer season. You will find that the mosquito is highly attracted to the temperature of the human body. If any perfume or cologne is being worn, the chance of being bitten by a mosquito is high since they like sweet scents. Repellents and citronella candles can be used to ward off mosquitoes. Avoid being outside at dusk, as this is the peak time for these pests to begin roaming. If you get rid of any standing water that is on your property, you will be eliminating the breeding ground for more mosquitoes. If you’re seeing a lot of mosquitoes in the home, it’s wise to do a thorough check of all your screens to be sure there aren’t any holes or rips in any of them.

Cockroaches are more common during the Summer months. The cockroach will come out of its hiding places during the season, and invade the home. Although you can treat your home with store bought products, it is highly advisable that you seek professional extermination to rid your home of this issue. Go to to schedule a professional inspection.

Homes are easily invaded by ants during the blazing heat of the Summer months as well. The ants are actually seeking respite from the heat when they head indoors. Because ants are looking for sources of food and water, they are usually scene traipsing across kitchen counters and floors.

Yellow jackets, bees, hornets, and wasps are all issues in the Summer months. If you find a nest outside of your home, you should call a professional immediately. If you swat at one of these pests, you will likely aggravate it. Once agitated, these guys will sting any part of you they can get to.

No matter what your Summer pest issue, turn to to assist you with ridding your home of any and all of them so that you can enjoy your Summer season.

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