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Common Household Pests and How to Control Them

Common Household Pests and How to Control ThemDo you deal with a lot of frustrating household pests? What can you do about the pest problem that is overtaking your home? It is important to learn how to identify and control pests before they cause a lot of damage to a home. A simple problem with a spider can soon turn into an infestation that leaves you with painful or serious bites. Here are some of the common household pests and what you can do about controlling them.



This is a common household pest that tends to bother many homeowners. Ants are common pests that search for food, locate it, and send the message back to other ants about the food. They create scent trails to help their fellow ants find the right food. The best way to get rid of ants is to mop the floors often and clean your home frequently. Seal food into airtight containers so the ants cannot get into them. Use boric acid to trap and kill the ants. There are some great ant traps on the market that you can purchase to kill colonies of ants. Use them inside and outside the home to eliminate your ant issues.



Similar to ants, mice are pesky rodents that hunt for food. They can make a huge mess in your home as they often create nests inside the walls of the home. Mice will chew up your electrical wiring and other things, putting your home at-risk for fires and other concerns. Mice need to be eliminated quickly as they do create a large colony in a rapid amount of time. You need to use sticky mice traps to keep the mice population under control. The sticky traps often work better from other traps since mice are clever and can easily grab food off a trap before it triggers the trap to release. Seal up all the entry points to your home where the mice are getting inside. Use some steel wool to seal up holes in the foundation or near any areas where there are holes. D-con and other poisons can work well, but they can be toxic to your children and animals. If you use D-con, make sure you find the dead mouse before it gets eaten by another animal or it could poison and kill that animal too.



Certain times of the year will really bring out the bugs. One annoying pest is the housefly. If you end up dealing with houseflies that get all over the home, use sticky traps in all the windows. Keep your windows and doors closed, or use screens to keep the flies out. There are non-toxic sprays you can use to kill a fly that gets into the home.


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