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Cleaning Out Your AC System

Cleaning Out Your AC SystemKeeping your air conditioner working in the right manner is important to preventing many issues that air conditioners face. Some air conditioners burn out well before they should because they are not properly maintained. If you do not perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner, you can put your system at risk.


The cleaning process is more than changing the air filter, there are several components of an air conditioner that require cleaning. You need to clean the coils, finds, drains, and other things to make the system work properly. One of the best things you can do for an air conditioner is to hire a professional to service the system yearly. Hire a Texas Air Conditioning Specialist to clean and maintain your system to prevent serious problems from occurring.


An air conditioner with a dirty filter needs to be cleaned once a month. This can boost the efficiency of your air conditioner by 15% or more if it has been badly clogged. A new filter will allow fresh air into the home, reducing allergies and other issues. Some systems have a reusable air filter where others have an air filter that needs to be completely replaced. The other thing you should consider doing is having your homes air ducts cleaned. If you notice dust shoots out of the system when you turn it on for the year, it shows that you need a good cleaning of the air ducts. Dust and other things will accumulate inside the air ducts. If you have pets, it is common to see a lot of pet fur accumulate in the unit.


Check the evaporator and condenser coil to make sure they are clean. Some of them will have dirt and other things that get inside, causing a lot of issues. Cleaning the ducts will improve the efficiency of your system. With too much dirt inside the system, it causes problems for the coil to work correctly. Yearly cleaning is important to helping the system work properly. Dirt often collects on the fins and this can lead to blowing problems with the system blowing air through the home. Clean out dirt around the unit, and reduce debris around the unit so you don’t end up with problems with airflow.


If you do not use your system year-round, plan on covering the unit. This will reduce dirt and debris from getting inside the system and causing problems with the condenser, fins, and condenser drains. You can also help your system by making sure the insulation levels are adequate for your home. This will reduce how hard a system needs to work to keep the home cold. Seal all the windows and doors to keep the cold air from leaking.

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