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Building Your Dream House

home_buildingWhether you’re looking for your first home or your last, building will allow you to customize your home to ensure you get everything you are looking for.  When building your dream home there are many steps to complete the process.  Here are the main ones to consider:

  • Before you can build your dream home you have to find your dream location.  Whether you want to look for a home location right near where you live or much further away, this will be the first step in creating your dream home.  There are many builders that purchase lots of land that can be subdivided later.  You can choose to look in a planned development community or you can choose to look for a more rural lot in an undeveloped area.  When choosing the perfect location for your new home you need to consider how far your commute will be to and from work, the schools in the area, and how the location will work with your current lifestyle.  For instance if you like being close to shopping and restaurants you should consider this when choosing between a city and a rural lot.  Once you find and purchase the right lot you’ll begin the next step of finding the right builder.
  • With the lot purchased you will begin looking for the right builder.  In some cases when you choose your lot, you choose your builder as they sell the lots only if they will be building your new house.  If you purchase a lot that is not connected to a builder you will then begin the search for the right builder.  When looking for a builder you want to choose someone that sees your vision, is good at keeping to a schedule, and meets your cost and quality expectations.
  • Work with a designer to create your dream home floor plan.  You can begin with a standard floor plan and make modifications or you can design your new home completely from the ground up making every detail your own.  When you are creating or modifying your home plans you will want to make sure that you are considering the elements that are must haves, the overall space, the purposes of each space now as well as planning for the future.
  • With the lot purchased, the home designed, and the builder selected you can begin the building process.  This process includes pouring foundation, framing, including structural supports such as column form supports, floor beams, and roof trusses.  When the structural supports are complete and the framing done you can begin to work on the finishing details and final touches that will make your home your own.

From start to finish, the process to build your dream home may take longer than finding a home for sale, but the end result is that you get the exact house you want in the location of your choice.  When building your dream home you are able to customize the space to meet your current needs as well as to plan for future needs as well.  When the home is finished not only will you have a space you’ll love to call your own, you’ll have a space you feel proud of because of your involvement in every step of the building process.

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