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Building Your Dream House

Dream-HouseOne of the biggest goals for Americans is to own a home. There are those who eventually fulfill that goal. Some people are not satisfied with what is available on the market. They envision a structure that is created from the ground up to satisfy their needs. It is attainable, but extensive planning is involved.

Why, What and Where
Home seekers interested in constructing a custom home should know why they are investing time, money and emotions into this project. Is the family expanding or is privacy a concern? Is entertaining guests in a functional outdoor space a necessity? Which architectural designs and elements do they like the most? A builder or architect can help clients make wise choices. An unqualified home designer can lead to a disastrous finish that is unsound and financially draining.

Real estate agents that specialize in selling lots help expedite the process. Prospective homeowners should already know all zoning and construction codes. Does the lot have rocks and trees that need to be cleared? Is the lot in a flood area? This is a short summary of things that need to be considered when securing a home foundation.

Meeting with several general contractors in Jackson MS to obtain bids is one of the first steps to building a home. Licensed contractors and subcontractors are found through real estate agents, online or personal recommendations. If a home seeker happens to pass by a home construction site, they can request the builder’s information. The key is finding an ethical and knowledgeable company. All contractors will submit an estimate for the entire project.

Before hiring a contractor, all financing should be in place. Some future homeowners have to remember, permits and insurance has to be calculated into the total cost. Funds should be set aside for any unforeseen work. The builder may offer financing and settle closing costs for their clients. Securing a construction loan is another option, but banks consider this a risk because of unexpected issues that arise during construction. If the buyer puts down a substantial deposit or secured the land with cash, a loan may be easier to obtain.

Additional ways to lower construction costs:
• Reduce square footage to reduce waste
• A two story house cost less, than building a one story house
• The shape of the house is also crucial to lowering costs. Rectangle and box homes are the cheapest. Extensions and additions to the plan will cost more.

Overall, a home tailored to an individual’s lifestyle is ideal, but smart decisions guarantee smoother and quicker results. Finding general contractors in Jackson MS is one step towards a dream home.

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