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Bug Profile: Brown Recluse

brown_recluseSpiders tend to inflict fear in many homeowners. Their scary bodies are one thing, but their bites can be another. The brown recluse is one of the most-feared spiders in North America. The bite of the brown recluse can land you in the hospital for several days. How can you keep these dangerous pests from invading your home? One of the best things you can do is hire a professional pest control agency. They will inspect all the areas of the home where these spiders are known to nest.

There are only 60 spiders that actually bite people, and only about 4 of them can cause serious problems. The brown recluse is in this category as its bite has actually killed people. The bite will produce serious skin ulcers along with scarring problems. The reason the spider will bite is for a defense mechanism. If the spider is in your laundry, and you are trying to put on a pair of pants, the spider feels trapped and will bite. They are prone to go for the dark spaces in your home, and they are frequently found in laundry and the bedding.

These spiders appear in a tan or dark brown color and they have a distinctive fiddle-shaped marketing on their body. Most spiders are about 1/4th to ½ inch in size and have a leg span of about 2 inches. They can move rapidly, which makes them scary to a lot of people since their quick movement can be hard to locate and kill them. Another notable thing of the recluse is that it has 6 eyes.

When you are trying to get rid of the brown recluse, it helps to locate where they are in your home. Most people see the males and younger spiders since the female is known to hide herself well. She is harder to eliminate, and poses the biggest threat as she can lay a new colony of spiders in the attic, crawl spaces, closets, basements, and other undisturbed areas in the home.

One way to reduce your problem with the recluse is to purchase some glue traps and place them all over your home. Try to place them in the areas that are prone to the recluse habitat. These glue traps will make it impossible for the spider to walk once they are stuck in it and they will die. Routine cleaning of the home is also important to preventing the brown recluse from getting inside your home. Take the time to lift up the couches and clean under them. You want to disturb all the areas where they might hide and clean them well. The goal is to eliminate all possible hiding places for the spiders. If you are concerned, hire a professional pest control company to come and spray for the recluse. Click here for Quality Pest Control services to rid your home of this dangerous spider.

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