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Avoid These Exterior Problems to Streamline Your VA Inspection

ff24If you’re planning to use a VA loan to purchase your new home, you need to be sure to look at homes which will qualify. Be aware that many homes on the market won’t be up to the required standards. In addition to the financial side of a VA loan, the home you’re buying must pass a special inspection, different from your appraisal or private inspection. Check with an expert at Flagship Financial for a detailed list, but here are some things to watch for before you even enter the house:

Peeling Paint

The house doesn’t have to be in a shambles for a little bit of paint to make a difference. Even some chipped paint on a porch rail or garage can make an inspector refuse to pass the house for VA standards if the home was. If you’re looking at photos of the perfect home but it needs a new paint job, you’ll need to keep looking unless the seller is willing to paint.

Broken Gutters

Broken gutters can lead to structural problems down the road if they are not fixed or replaced. Gutters must include appropriate downspouts and channel water away from the house. Rainwater falling from the roof causes basement and foundation damage if it is not properly channeled, so this is a must for any home you buy with a VA loan.


Here again, you may encounter something you are able to fix because of the price break, but the VA lender may be unable to overlook. The inspector is not required to climb onto the roof, but if it is obviously leaking or in disrepair it could cause problems with your loan. If there are broken roofing tiles, missing shingles, or the roof appears to be poorly maintained from the street, ask the realtor when it was last replaced or repaired before asking to see the house.


Perhaps the home’s current owner left oil cans and old tires behind the trees. Maybe they were just messy and left their old appliances out back. You might be willing to reclaim the land and make it beautiful, but if the inspector believes those things could be hazardous she can’t check the box saying it’s safe.

Don’t make an appointment to see a house you’ll fall in love with if you can tell from the street or listing photos that it’s unlikely to work for your situation. If you are unsure, talk to your representative at Flagship Financial and your realtor. Don’t use your valuable time chasing a home that won’t work, spend it moving into the one that will!

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