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AALTCI: Mary Ann DeKing Named Top Long Term Care Specialist in USA

A suburban Chicago woman who has been assisting consumers all over the country develop affordable plans to address the financial burdens Long Term Health Care has been named the country’s number one Long Term Care Specialist by a national trade and consumer advocacy group.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance lists every year the top Long Term Care Specialists in the country. This year, Mary Ann DeKing takes the top spot after a number of years listed at number two. She has become one of the most highly regarded Long Term Care Specialists in the nation. 

Mary Ann DeKing was awarded the top spot by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance who every year lists the top professionals in Long Term Care Planning (

After a number of years at the number two position, DeKing claims the top spot.  DeKing uses her distinctive approach to helping clients address the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Care places on family and friends.

“I am privileged that so many people allow me to assist their families find affordable solutions. The risk of Long Term Care is high and the costs and burdens to loved ones places tremendous pressures on families. I am honored so many people place their trust in me,” DeKing said.

DeKing has been recognized by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) as one of the country’s top specialists since 2010. The AALTCI was established in 1998 and advocates for the importance of Long Term Care planning and supports insurance professionals who market the complete range of planning products. 

Since 2008 DeKing has been a force in the Long Term Care Industry helping thousands of people from all over the country. Licensed in every state, she has been on the forefront of new technology that safely allows consumers see her computer screen while she answers their questions on the telephone. This allows the consumer more flexibility as they can meet with her either at work or at home. 

Very few insurance or financial professionals understand how these products work since they can be complicated and all have different underwriting requirements. DeKing represents all the top insurance companies and can easily explain how the products work and matches the consumer with the best coverage at the best value.  

“Long Term Care Insurance is very affordable. I am able to find the appropriate coverage with the right company so my clients can have an affordable plan to address this risk,” DeKing said.  

“There are thousands of active insurance and financial professionals nationally who market long-term care solutions,” says Jesse Slome, the Association’s executive director. “To be recognized among the leading professionals in the nation is a most important distinction.”  

Long Term Care Insurance has become an important part of retirement planning. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says if you reach the age of 65 you have a 70% chance of requiring some type of Long Term Care service in your lifetime ( 

“This means Long Term Care should be a key part of retirement planning. People require Long Term Health Care due to illness, accident or the impact of aging. I help people address these concerns so they have the peace-of-mind knowing that their adult children will remain their children and not their caregivers. Many people I speak with want their families to be loving and supporting and not caregiving. This isn’t a burden they wish on their loved ones,” DeKing explained. 

Also honored this year was Mary Ann’s daughter, Cassandra DeKing who has joined her firm, Plan And Care, Inc. ( Along with Cassandra DeKing, Darlis Kirchhofer and Robin Devitt Allen are also among the top agents in the country at the firm.  

DeKing said since insurance rates in Long Term Care are regulated, every agent uses the same rates for each insurance company. Experience and knowledge of planning is what sets her apart.

“The main difference between me and a financial planner or a general insurance agent is the my level of experience in Long Term Care. I represent the top insurance companies and I can help people using safe screen sharing technology to make it simple and convenient for the consumer to meet with me, learn about their options and ask questions right from their own home or office. I help people find the best and most affordable options from all the top insurance companies. Plus I work with families at claim time,” DeKing added.

DeKing has sent up a website for consumers to learn more how affordable Long Term Care Insurance can be part of a retirement plan. Consumers can contact her for setting up a private consultation: Her office number is 888-778-2905. 


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