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7 Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bill

Is your energy bill taking a huge bite out of your income? You can’t go without power, but you can change a few habits to pay less for it. Here are just seven tips for saving a little money each month when it comes to energy.

1. Clean Your Filters

Dirty filters are the bane of heaters and air conditioners everywhere. Not only will they decrease your indoor air quality, but they’ll also force your units to overcompensate in terms of power.

2. Buy the Right Brands

Big appliances aren’t the only things that come with an Energy Star label. You can find it on everything from televisions to light bulbs, so look for the logo the next time you’re shopping for anything that runs on electricity.

3. Check Your Meter

You might be paying for electricity that you aren’t actually using. If the amount on your bill isn’t matching the amount on your meter, it’s time to call the utility company and get it fixed.

4. Launder Your Clothes Efficiently

You can save a bundle each month by air-drying your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer. You should also wait to run the washing machine until you have a full load, and use cold water when you do. Hot water requires more energy because the unit has to heat it up.

5. Buy a New Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is great for a lower energy bill. For example, you can adjust its settings so that temperatures are lower when you’re sleeping or away from home. It’s convenient, affordable and eco-friendly.

6. Caulk Your Windows

That draft could be costing you big bucks in terms of wasted energy. Apply caulk to your windows and window frames to make sure that no cracks are responsible for your high HVAC expenses.

7. Switch Providers

If you aren’t happy with the cost of your current utility bill, call other providers and see if they can do better. Some homeowners are strangely reluctant to change energy providers, but there’s no reason to be. If you can find a lower price elsewhere, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

These are just a few easy ways to save on energy costs. As you can see, your bill is never set in stone; if you’re serious about lowering it, all it takes is a little creative thinking and a willingness to change your habits.

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