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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Rain Gutters Clear

Gutter-cleaningTwo or three times a year, the gutters on your home should be cleaned. It should be done after storms as well. Large branches, leaves, dirt and pine needles can accumulate in the gutters and downspouts. If they are clogged, they cannot do their jobs, which is to keep water from flooding the basement.


Create a scheduled time to clean the gutters, so they are not forgotten. Most homeowners make it part of their spring cleaning, and again in the fall, as part of their winterizing process. You’ll need a ladder and a gutter scoop to remove the debris that’s accumulated. The best type of gutter scoop is plastic instead of metal. Metal scoops can damage the gutters. Exercise ladder safety when climbing up to inspect and clean the gutters.


Before introducing water to the gutters, make sure the downspouts are cleared of large debris. The water will have to run out with the smaller pieces. Any chunks of dirt or leaves left in the downspout will create a problem. After large pieces are removed, small bits of debris can be removed with water. Use your regular garden hose to add water to the gutter system.


This is a great time to check for leaks. After washing the gutters, allow water to run through them and watch for leaks. The seams are usually where holes and separation can occur. The seams will have to be sealed with caulking or roofing cement. When sealing them, make sure to apply sealant to the inside and the outside of the gutter.

Firmly Attached

The gutters can loosen from the side of the home. This is the time to inspect the gutters to be sure they are firmly attached. If they feel loose or certain sections are falling, reattach them to the home. It’s important to make sure they are sloping properly as well. Water shouldn’t pool in the gutter. It should flow smoothly towards the downspout.

Leaf shield

Consider a leaf shield to cover the gutters. They allow water to flow into small slits, but they don’t get clogged with leaves and debris. They still need to be checked occasionally to ensure they are working properly.

If at any time the job becomes too large to handle properly, hire a professional Ann Arbor gutter repair company to clean the gutters for you. They can perform all the maintenance required to ensure that your gutters behave all year long. They’ll also be more likely to notice potential problems and alert you to dangers.

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