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3 Maintenance Issues To Not Avoid

home_maintenanceIt’s very important to consider maintenance when choosing a siding for your house. Siding is exposed to the elements and should be regularly repaired if its material is damaged due to them.

The longevity of siding depends upon 2 things: its maintenance, and durability of the siding. Therefore, its important to choose a material that you can easily maintain. If you cannot handle the maintenance of your siding, you should opt for the material that needs minimal maintenance.

Vinyl is the best siding material as it can do well even with minimal maintenance. Vinyl siding should be washed and inspected every year. Although vinyl maintenance is maintenance free, but still few factors can ensure its longevity. Let’s have a close look at few Louisville siding maintenance tips for different siding materials.

* You should wash the siding annually.

* Keep bicycles and lawn movers at a distance to prevent breaks and cracks

* Keep all hot things (patio torches, or grills) away as it can melt the vinyl.

* Aluminum need minimal maintenance, but you should take few precautions to ensure its maintenance and that it lasts for years.

* Aluminum should be immediately painted when there is some oxidation or chalking, which is mostly due to weathering.

* You can use a power washer annually to keep it clean.

* Wooden siding may need considerable maintenance. Wood is susceptible to rot, termites, cracking, moisture issues, splitting, etc. Some steps are important for maintaining wood siding.

* You can prevent wood rot by treating it with a oil or by staining it every 3 years. You can also paint it every 5 years.

* In wet climate, wood may need special care due to moisture absorption, because it may cause board to expand.

* Wood should also be checked for holes from the insects and woodpecker. It should be replaced when any damage is found.

* Wood can also be cleaned using pressure washing. But, pressure washing should be done in a proper way otherwise wood will be ruined.

* Many people use fiber cement siding, but it is not totally maintenance free as it needs regular painting. However, as fiber cement does not contract or expand with weather, paint easily adheres to its surface and can last much longer than wood siding.

* Accumulated dirt and insect nests can also be removed using power washing. You should also check the caulked joints every year between the ends of windows, boards and doors.

* All gaps that may open up when caulk pulls away should be filled using high quality latex or acrylic available at all paint and hardware stores.

* A fiber cement siding that is well maintained may need repainting only every 6-15 years.

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